Robert Backie

Robert grew up as a pastor’s son and learned early that moral values were the most important attribute a father could teach his son.  Robert has continued to demonstrate these conservative values with honesty, integrity, a strong work ethic and dedication to serving others. 

“I’m joining this race to bring integrity, hard work and honesty back to our district.  Our current congressman has spent over a decade violating election laws, being reprimanded by his fellow Congressmen and doing very little to help our community.  It’s time for our district to be represented by a driven, honest, hardworking businessman who values improving your life over enriching his.” 

Robert moved to Arizona in 1994 and then to Paradise Valley in 1999 to raise his children in an area which provided high quality education, opportunity and the quality of life we expect in Congressional District One. 

With over 30 years of experience, Robert has led global teams and businesses in Semiconductor, Internet, Telecom, Cyber Security and Healthcare including teams in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Canada and Mexico. 

Robert has focused on improving other’s lives and opportunities through involvement in the Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council (ATIC), #yesPHX startup community and was influential in mentoring new startups through the Arizona Commerce Authorities Venture Ready program.  As elected Chair of ATIC, Robert was in the front row when Governor Brewer signed SB1353 to expand medical care to include telemedicine, helping to push for expansion in the following years. 

He has also taken on issues in his neighborhood that negatively impacted quality of life, worked on congressional campaigns and is currently on the Town of Paradise Valley Car Show and Arizona Concours d’Elegance committees. He also attends Highlands Church in Scottsdale. 

We need to get our borders under control, hold those in office accountable, deal with criminals who force businesses to close, keep housing available and affordable for our children, and most importantly stop bleeding our country dry with money we don’t have. 

It’s time to bring back what is important to the people of Arizona: honesty, integrity and hard work focused on the district, not our congressman’s pocketbook.

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