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It's time to bring integrity back to represent us.

“I’m joining this race to bring integrity, hard work and honesty back to our district. Our current congressman has spent over a decade violating election laws, being reprimanded by his fellow Congressmen and doing very little to help our community. It’s time for our district to be represented by a driven, honest, hardworking businessman who values improving your life over enriching his.”

Bringing Integrity Back to Washington

Our District is tired of empty political promises, Washington D.C.’s inability and unwillingness to solve real problems and all the partisan antics. In the pursuit of restoring trust in our government, I am committed to combating corruption, being ethical and honest and promoting transparency……..

Securing the US Border

Our border is a catastrophe that is easily solvable. During the Biden administration illegal crossings have risen 600% and annually are 3x more than the population of our district. Even Democrat run cities now demand something be done as the invasion threatens their ability to sustain city services……

Growing our Economy

As your next Congressman, I will write and support legislation that embraces conservative economic principles to stimulate growth, create jobs, lower inflation and improve all American’s access and chance for prosperity. By reducing taxes, eliminating burdensome regulations, and fostering a business-friendly environment……

Making America Energy Independent Again

It is vital for America’s future that we return to being energy independent! For stability We start by completing the Keystone pipeline, drilling smartly, investing in small modular nuclear reactors, embracing technology and product growth making renewables more accessible and cost effective…….

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And We’re going all the way to Congress.

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